This course includes a full workflow on everything: Equipment, camera, light and shoot!


This course covers everything you need to know about beauty photography, even if you’re a total beginner

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This course is for:

Beginner & Experienced
  1. You have never used a professional camera before and you don’t know how to start


  2. You are already experienced but you are just shooting with natural light


  3. You are focused on a different photography niche & you want to know more about Beauty Photography


Make-Up Artists

  1. You are tired of waiting for photographers to send over the photos of a shoot and you are unsatisfied with results


  2. You want to have 100% of control of your portfolio

  3. You want to level up your content from smartphone photography to a high end level


Content Creators

  1. You have good ideas for your beauty content, but the results never turn out as you wanted them to be

  2. You want to bring your passion of content creation to the next level

  3. You want to be independent and not always search for a professional photographer

Client Feedback:

It's like Natascha gave me the recipe on how to take high end beauty pictures

– Valeria, Student –

Success Stories

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I’m a model & content creator and I struggled to start into photography. I was frustrated & haven’t touched my camera for 7 years. With the course, I quickly learned to take high-end studio beauty photos and work effectively on set.

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I’ve been a photographer for a year, mainly using natural light, learning from YouTube. Natascha’s course gave me the quality instruction I needed to start studio photography. I achieved amazing results immediately and even landed my first photography job!

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As a makeup artist, I admire my colleagues’ high-quality portfolios. I wanted to take my own photos, but I never used a professional camera. Joining Natascha’s course, I was shocked by the amazing results from my first photoshoot!

Take photos like these -
the course will show you how!

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...and all other brands!

In just 3 hours, you'll learn what took me 5 years to discover! I've this course with all my essential essential knowledge , giving you a simple step-by-step guide to taking high-end studio beauty pictures

– Natascha Lindemann –

Your teacher


– International beauty photographer –

Every day, people ask me how to start with Beauty Photography and get results like mine – and that’s why I’ve created my Beginner Beauty Photography course!

With 8 years of experience, I can tell you that there’s no magic camera or secret setting to success, just a workflow to follow. 

My mission is to show you how easy it can be. This course is created for those starting their careers & taking the first steps into beauty photography. I am showing you a step-by-step guide on how to achieve high-end results without any confusion!

Natascha's Portfolio


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Learn how to take high-quality beauty pictures from Natascha Lindemann herself:



  • Why Beauty Photography is different
  • Why you don’t need an expensive camera
  • How to choose a camera for Beauty Photography
  • The only lens you need
  • Essential settings for sharp and high end results
  • Why high end beauty photos are important for your work


  • Why you need a studio flash in Beauty Photography
  • Which light is the best for Beauty Photography
  • Best Light Shaper to start your career
  • How to connect the light to the camera
  • How to understand if the light is strong enough 


  • What you need besides camera and light
  • My favorite ONE Light Setup
  • Tethered shooting: Why and how to shoot into your computer
  • How to photograph high end beauty photos
  • My favorite crops in Beauty Photography


  • Checklist to prepare your shoot
  • Equipment recommendation
  • Bonus Lesson: How to organize a successful shoot
  • A Surprise!
45,65 €

x 6 Easy Payments – incl. MwSt.

What’s included

  • Why high end beauty photos and videos are important for your work
  • How to choose the right smartphone for best beauty photos and videos
  • Get to know the most important tools
  • The secret photo settings to use to achieve the professional beauty photo quality and -look
  • The secret video settings to use to achieve smooth and super-sharp video content
  • BONUS: Full run-through of my personal iPhone 14 Pro Max settings I use to shoot photos and videos

  • Why lighting is THE game changer for your photos and videos
  • Basic rules in lighting – and why light can ruin your pictures
  • Presentation and comparison of 3 different light devices for different occasions and budgets that guarantee high end results

  • Why backgrounds can destroy your photos and videos
  • How to prepare for a photo and video shoot
  • How to photograph high end beauty photos just using your smartphone
  • How to film high end beauty videos just using your smartphone

  • Which apps to use to retouch beauty photos and videos on your smartphone
  • What to do with which tools to achieve a nice looking photo and video result
  • Why you should not excessively use every function the apps offer

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x 5 easy payments – incl. VAT.


one-time payment

129,00 €
129,- €

incl. VAT.


Most beginner courses are too general and cover a lot of irrelevant information for beauty photography.

For example, if you are interested in landscape photography, this course is nothing for your.

This course focuses only on what you need to start your career and achieve results like Natascha: Choosing the right camera and lens, setting them up, and the best lighting setup.

A big NO! I’ll guide you through each step in simple language, making it accessible and understandable even if you’re a complete beginner.

The course skips on unnecessary things you don’t need to know to achieve the goal, being able to take high quality beauty shots.

This depends on your personal learning style and speed. A testimonial of this course finished this course within unter 5 hours.

Don’t worry, it’s not an university course. 

You can start the course without any equipment.

Of cause, if you want to take high quality beauty photos, you will need a camera and a flash. But don’t worry, the course comes with an exact list of Natascha’s equipment recommendations – so you can be sure to buy the starter kit that will be good enough not to be the limiting factor on the quality outcome.

This course is designed for those who want to start their career in the world of Beauty Photography. You will get the core knowledge you need to shoot your first campaign, but as always, the experience comes with practice. And: Never stop learning!

Yes – this whole course is one practical exercise with background information. You will only see improvements in your work, if you actually try out yourself! You are highly invited to follow all the topics and examples presented. Feel encouraged to try to recreate all the example images on your own to try out and learn.

On top of that, there is a theoretical learning status check in form of a quiz that gives you feedback on your understanding.

After completion of the course, there is one homework to do – you will find out in the process. 🙂

We would love to see your results and learning progress in our Telegram community! 🙂

Yes. All content, settings, tips and tricks provided can also be used by solo-creators who create content of themselves on their own.

You do not need a model or a team to take photos and videos of you.

Watching the course itself is possible on any device, nevertheless, the bigger your screen is, the more you will see what’s happening on the screen.

Watching the course on the smartphone solely is possible, but not recommended. I highly recommend having your smartphone ready while watching the course so you can follow and try around yourself as you are watching. If you watch your smartphone to watch the course, this will be not very easy.

Unfortunately, there is no certificate of completion for the course.

Yes, this course is only available in English. But I use simple language and if you understand my Instagram stories, it will be no problem to understand the content of this course!

I am sure that it will not be a problem for you. If it really is, please send us a message and we will be helping and supporting you in any way possible to make sure that you are not left behind! 🙂

This course is part of my Online Learning Platform. After you subscribed to the course, you will receive an email with your login information.

You can use and device like a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer (even a playstation) to login to my course platform.

In the platform, you will find the different chapters of the course as videos to watch. The videos contain all the information in a nice and well presented way. If you want, you can listen to the videos in a podcast-style of way, but it makes sense to watch the videos as I show a lot of examples and illustrated examples.

More client results

This course is for:

Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists

… who want to show the true quality of their work with high quality beauty photos and videos on social media, but have to travel light without the option to set themselves up a studio.

Lash STYLISTS & Brow Stylists

… who want to show the details of their work in high end images and videos – in convincingly sharp images and videos that show all the effort they put into their work.

Beauty Salons & Hair Salons

… who need a well-working workflow that produces consistent image and video results of their work – easy to follow by each member of the team.

Creators & Models

… who want to create high end beauty photos and videos by themselves without the help of a team, but want to have the professional beauty photo and video look.