Learn Skin Retouching from scratch

Capture one + Photoshop

Capture One & Photoshop

Download the programs, get started, set up your workspace and start using the tools. All of this you will lear in the first chapters.


Capture One:

Learn my color grading rules, understand how to use them & follow the steps of color grading on the example RAW files.



Master my workflow of retouching skin to achieve a perfect result and check your knowledge with quizes, homeworks and bonuses.

My Promise

to you

1. Short lessons

Nobody likes to watch 40-minute episodes. Every lesson is under 15 minutes.

2. Easy to understand

I will explain each step in detail to ensure you’ll understand and stay on track

3. A workflow that really works

It took me 8 years to find a perfect skin retouching workflow and you will now learn it only in a few hours

5. Includes everything

You will learn every step in detail, from exporting from Capture One to Photoshop, to bitrate, color grading, and even mastering frequency separation and dodge & burn retouching techniques

4. Simple Language

I use simple English vocabulary to make sure you understand and get my point


6. Guaranteed Results

I am a 100% sure that this course will get you all the skin retouch knowledge you need & if you don’t learn anything you will get your money back

Client Feedback:

Honestly the best course I've ever bought! I was able to improve my retouching so much that I can now work for brand clients!

– Antonia Prell –

Client results:

This course is for:


who are just discovering programs like Photoshop & Capture One and want to upgrade their retouching skills to the next level


who want to professionalize their retouching and colorgrading skills to a level of beauty brand campaign photography

All Level

who want to improve their skin retouching skills to keep up to international high end retouching standards


who want to improve their content and differentiate themselves from others by using professional techniques

learn everything you need to know about high end skin retouchING

Your Possibilities

Learn how to retouch skin like a pro in just a few hours. Choose between the basis version with just the online course or the premium version with personal feedback from Natascha:


No personal Feedback from natascha!


  • Basics of CaptureOne
  • How to use CaptureOne
  • Get to know the most important tools
  • My rules of color grading
  • How to work with layers & maks in CaptureOne
  • Importing & exporting images
    (bitrate, tiff, psd, jpg, etc.)


  • Learn the basics of Photoshop
  • Understand skin texture & facial anatomy
  • Get to know the most important tools
  • Learn the order and power of layers and masks
  • Start to work with (automized) actions
  • Use frequency separation wisely
  • Master Dodge & Burn
  • Achieve perfect color grading in Photoshop
  • Importing & exporting images 


  • How to retouch mature skin
  • My worst retouching mistakes and how to avoid them
  • My personal Photoshop brushes and actions for frequency separation and dodge and burn
65,78 €

x 5 Easy Payments – incl. MwSt.



With personal feedback from Natascha


  • 8 weeks skin retouch training program in a small group of max 5 people
  • Personal roadmap based on your availability (min. 5h/week needed)
  • Additional homework with different phases for your fastest progress
  • Two months of membership in the premium Telegram community
  • Feedback from the premium community & mentor on your homework
  • Personal video feedback from Natascha on one of your own retouched images after finishing the course
  • You will have one year of access to the course
  • You will have two months of time with professional guidance
  • You will have two months of membership in the premium Telegram community
1.495,00 €

incl. MwSt.


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It was often just the little things that stood between me and the next step in my career. Looking back, learning high-end skin retouching was not a little step, but a long process of try end errors. It took me 8 years to find my very own personal skin retouch workflow – making pictures flawless, while conserving the naturalness of the image. Skip this long process with me and learn my skin retouching workflow!

Featured In

Learn to retouch like this:


No, you do not already have to be a retoucher to understand and follow the content of this course.

The course is designed for all experience levels. The lessons are structured to gradually build knowledge and skills.

I want to make sure you will understand every piece of information despite your experience in retouching, so also total beginners are very welcome in this Skin Retouching course!

Whether you are a makeup artist, a photographer, a retoucher or a beauty fanatic that has seen lots of beauty images – having a basic understanding helps, of course.

It depends on you. In this course, I will give you my whole skin retouching workflow that I use to retouch my beauty images.

You will learn all the skills that are necessary to perform high-end skin retouching, maintain natural textures and details, correct skin tones, and more.

But it would be a lie to say that just watching and following this course will automatically make you a professional retoucher.

You will need to actually try the things I teach you in the course and practice.

If you keep up and practice, you definitely will learn a lot to be able to work as a professional retoucher after finishing the skin retouching course.

This course is not a boring “watch how I do it once in one part”-video.

I want to make sure that you actually understand the tools, the process and the “why?”-questions of skin retouching.

You will receive RAW files of Natascha Lindemann’s photos to follow along and actually try by all steps by yourself and experiment arond. To make sure you don’t leave the track, after-each-step photos are included – so you are always able to compare your image to the guidance.

But not only practical training is important, but especially the theory is what makes this skin retouch course better than any other: You will learn about the anatomical backgrounds of the face’s muscles and shapes and why and how it influences the way you retouch skin to make it look natural and aesthetic.

Also, you will learn about different skin textures and how they should affect your retouching workflow and call for different approaches. Did you know, that you cannot use every light setup with every skin texture? You will learn in the course!

Yes, this course is based on practical exercise throughout all chapters.

You will receive exclusive RAW images from Natascha Lindemann to download and apply all the steps shown in the course all along while you are watching.

On top of that, there are constant theoretical learning status checks by quizzes that give you feedback on your learning progress.

But even better than that, the practical learning status checks include in-between-retouching-steps pictures from Natascha Lindemann herself, so you can compare your retouching work exactly with hers after finishing each chapter.
This will give you guidance throughout the whole course, at which point you might have left the path and need to work more on.

If you want extra feedback by Natascha herself, you can book an exclusive package with personal guidance and feedback throughout the whole course.

Watching the course itself is possible on any device, nevertheless, the bigger your screen is, the more you will see what’s happening on the screen.

We will be working with programs such as CaptureOne and Adobe Photoshop, I highly recommend using a Mac or a Windows device with a screen of a sufficient size.

Watching the course on the smartphone solely is possible, but not recommended. If you only have a smartphone and no other equipment, you do not have the necessary devices to learn and train the techniques explained in this course anyway.

It’s helpful to have a mouse, but not actually necessary.
Also, a graphic tablet might help, but actually all the things I do can also be done using your touchpad or mouse.

In the course, we will work with CaptureOne and Adobe Photoshop.
I will be showing my personal workflow of high-end skin retouching in these programs.

CaptureOne has a 30 day free trial and Photoshop has a 7 day free trial.

It might be possible to copy my technique and workflow using other programs than these as well, but I am honestly not the biggest fan of Lightroom and alternatives to Photoshop, so I cannot really tell.

This depends on your personal learning style and speed. Some of our first pre-sale course testers finished the course within just a few days, but most participants complete the course in a few weeks, combined with regular practice.

Unfortunately, there is no certificate of completion for the Skin Retouch Course as a standard.

Only if you choose the PREMIUM package, it comes with personal homework issued by Natascha and personal communication via the premium group chat with personal feedback from Natascha, which ensures that she can approve your successful completion of the Skin Retouch Course.

In this case, you will be offered a Natascha Lindemann Certificate Level 1